Are you ready to become a leader in the health coaching industry?

People are waking up and realizing that their health is no longer just about exercise and nutrition. People know that in order to change their bodies, they have to change their mind too. As a health coach, you have the ability to help guide your clients on this transformation, but you need the proper skills to do so. 

This 1:1 coaching container is designed to help you master your own mind & confidence while also learning the tools and skills you need to facilitate this level of transformation for your clients.

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Does This Sound Like You?

✓ You know that your clients need the mindset work in addition to nutrition, fitness, etc. but don’t know how to facilitate this deeper work with them.

✓ You want to learn the tools & gain the skills you need to confidently help your clients do the work they need to see real results.

✓ You want to learn more in depth mindset coaching techniques to use with your clients besides journaling and affirmations.

✓ You want to be a successful health coach whose clients constantly tell you how much you changed their lives.

You feel confident coaching your clients on their physical health but...


😅 You get nervous when they bring up mindset struggles that they are having around life, food, body image, etc.

😔 You feel frustrated and upset when your clients aren't doing the work that they say they will do even though you've "talked about it" a million times.

😓 You feel like a failure when your clients aren't getting the results that they want to and you don't know how to help them get "unstuck".

😤 You are sick of not having any other tools in your toolbox to support your clients on a deeper level when it comes to their struggles with emotional eating, food guilt, body image, general resistance, and more!

& Let's Be Real...

❊ You may or may not have a health coaching certification…but even if you do you don’t feel like it taught you how to actually apply your knowledge and COACH your clients through their transformation.

❊ You get concerned about bringing up certain topics, especially related to mindset, because of the possibility of stepping outside of your scope of practice.

❊ You often find yourself feeling confused on whether or not something you are doing with your clients is actually something you are “allowed” to do as a health coach.

❊ You often feel like you are “winging it” on coaching calls, and don’t feel like you have a foolproof method to help your clients on repeat.


So now, for just a second, I want you to imagine…

Not having a doubt in your mind that you could help your client accomplish their goals no matter what struggles might come up on their journey.

Knowing exactly WHAT strategies to use to help your clients overcome things like emotional eating, negative body image, and more, as well as HOW to facilitate them through this work.

How you would feel if your client said to you, “thank you, I’ve worked with so many other coaches but nobody could even compare to how much you’ve changed my life”.

I'm Ready For This

Facilitate your clients through a holistic mind & body transformation with ease, confidence, and depth.

Feel confident in your ability to hold space for your clients and help them breakthrough resistance when they are stuck.

Not only be a leader in the health industry but feel like one too because you know the transformation you are able to provide is truly life changing.

Incorporate mind-body healing techniques into your current coaching program to help ease the path towards success.

Feel comfortable helping your clients even when you feel that they are resisting your help.

Gain the toolkits you need to facilitate a truly life changing transformation for your clients and help them work through mindset blocks, limiting beliefs, emotional eating, food guilt, poor body image, and more!

Step 1: Transformation

This first phase is focused on your own personal transformation. In order to fully provide transformation for our clients we need to first embody what it is we will be teaching. This phase will help you understand your own limiting beliefs & mental blocks that are holding you back from becoming the best coach you can possibly be. This phase is completely designed for you and your specific needs. However, some of the topics we might work through include: limiting beliefs, habits, comparisonitis, confidence in your skillset/coaching ability, & healing your own relationship with food and your body.

Step 2: Education

This phase will teach you everything you need to know to become a health coach who is truly capable of changing lives and facilitating the mindset work necessary to give your clients lasting results. During this step you will work through our Mindset Coaching Foundations Course ($500 value) and have me there to hold your hand and guide you through every step of the way.

Step 3: Implementation

Knowledge and skills mean nothing without the ability to implement them properly within your coaching. During this step we will take a deep dive into your current coaching curriculum/program (or create it together if you don’t have one yet) and set it up to provide the highest level of transformation possible. We will strategically incorporate mindset work into your program, and discuss all of the ways your clients might need support on their journey and plan how you will be able to give this to them.e.

How This Program Will Work:

6 months of 1:1 support, personal growth, and massive steps forward in life & business

Bi-Weekly 1:1 Coaching calls

Access to our complete course library (and any courses we add in the future!)

Daily Voice Messaging & texting access through voxer

Custom materials & resources tailored to you, your business, and your needs

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Past Client Experiences

Joanna, 1:1 Client

"Being a part of the academy completely transformed my confidence as a coach. I can most confidently say that you have been the best coach I have had so far. Thank you for your support, knowledge, and understanding. I am so positively overwhelmed by how much magic we were able to create together."

An, 1:1 Client

“I’m a holistic nutritionist and I worked with Emma for 6 months. What was most valuable for me during our time together was that she was there to help me through mental struggles. Although I knew all the techniques and strategies, I still needed support when my emotions got the best of me or if I started to doubt myself. Even having her listen while I walked through my thinking process was extremely helpful. I felt supported and understood. Emma’s always positive & polite and I can tell she really listens to what I say and takes the time in her responses instead of giving generic short answers. I looked forward to chatting with her everyday! 

Because of her support I felt more empowered to do what I wanted with my business, become more focused, give myself breaks when I needed it, and improve my systems so I can manage my business better. Having someone in my corner who understood what I was going through made a huge difference for me. I can’t thank her enough!”