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You are a health coach who...


🌻Feels like you know a bit about intuitive eating, but want to learn more.


🌻Wants to talk more about intuitive eating with your 1:1 clients, but don’t exactly now where to start.


🌻Wants to see the process of how someone would go about teaching their clients to intuitively eat.


🌻Is excited to gain more tools in your coaching toolbox to better help your clients reach their goals.

Then you are going to love the "Teaching Intuitive Eating" Masterclass!

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Inside the Masterclass You Will Learn...

What intuitive eating is & what it isn’t

Who intuitive eating is for and who shouldn’t do it quite yet

How to ensure that your clients don’t turn intuitive eating into another diet or a way to “try and eat healthy”

How to determine if intuitive eating is right for your client, and what to do if they aren’t quite ready yet

Our signature method to teach your clients to intuitively eat with ease

How to help your clients overcome any mindset blocks they may have around intuitive eating in order to fully embrace the food freedom intuitive eating can give them.


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Teaching Intuitive Eating Masterclass