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You know that mindset plays an important role in your clients ability to reach their goals and truly transform their life…

But, you run into a problem when it comes to actually facilitating the mindset work necessary to help your clients accomplish the transformation they desire.

 Have you ever had clients who...


😔 Struggle to follow through on the plans and action steps that you provide them.

🤥 Constantly come up with excuses as to why they can’t or didn’t do the work they said they would do.

😫 Have trouble seeing the progress being made, and speak negatively about themselves and their ability to accomplish their goals.

😣Are preoccupied with emotional eating, food guilt, or a negative relationship with food.

😵‍💫Feel challenged daily by their poor body image.

😓Are stuck because of limiting beliefs, fears, and other negativity that keeps them from making the forward progress you know they are capable of.



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Health Coaches Who…

Want to help their clients on a deeper level, but are nervous about stepping outside of their scope of practice.
Know the importance of mindset within their clients journey, but don’t feel confident in how to facilitate this type of work with their clients.
Want to coach their clients on mindset but feels like they need a framework for how to do this work the same way they do for nutrition & fitness.
Are interested in learning more about the intersection between mental health and nutrition/fitness, and becoming a mental health informed coach.

Why Mindset Matters: Why mindset should matter to you as a health coach, and how the incorporation of mindset coaching into your practice can help bring your client's transformation to the next level.

Scope of Practice: The scope of practice for health coaches is not clearly defined, which can lead to fear and uncertainty around what you can do to help your clients reach their goals. In this course, we cover the ins and outs of boundaries within health coaching and how mindset coaching can fit within them.

What Mindset Coaching Is: This course will go far beyond the surface level concepts of journaling and living a "high vibe" life. We teach you exactly what mindset coaching is and how this work can be incorporated into your practice.

The Coaching Framework: We teach you both the what and the how of health based mindset coaching. You will walk away from this course with the frameworks, steps, and processes for how to facilitate transformational mindset work with your clients just like you do for the nutrition & fitness aspects of your coaching.

Tools, Techniques, & Resources: This course will provide you with our proven tools, techniques, and exclusive resources too confidently and successfully incorporate mindset work into your health coaching practice.

& More!

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Your clients are ready for more...

Your clients are ready to make real change in their lives and health.

Your clients are ready to dig in to the difficult work they need to see lasting transformation.

Your clients are read to put their faith in you to guide them towards their goals.

The knowledge and skills you bring as a health coach set the tone for the transformation your clients are capable of. 


So, what are you waiting for?

Let's get you the skills, knowledge, and confidence you need to give your clients this and so much more!



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